Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Receptions and the Emergency Room

These are not things you would usually put into the same 48 hours...but that is how we roll around here. So, this weekend we drove down to Houston for Julie and Jimmy's wedding reception. We arrived on Friday and took the opportunity to have a weenie roast (can't ever have too many of those). So, we are sitting there having a gay ole' time, getting eaten by mosquitos, eating our weight in hot dogs and smores when I got two bites on the back of my leg. Mind you, my mom had just doused my legs in bug spray, and the sting was like that of a mosquito on crack...I didn't think much of it, cursed the darn bugs under my breath, and reached for the bug spray again. Then I felt a third bite...and shook my leg, sprayed it again and sat down to eat another smores (can't stop at just one).
Within about a minute I started feeling a little funny...nauceous, light headed, etc. So, I decided to move to a log a little further from the huge fire. I got there and my heart started racing and I slid onto the ground. My sis reached over and said that I felt really clamy. So, I looked at Marc, who was totally unconcerned at my distress...roasting a sausage for my mom, and said that something was wrong and that I needed to go inside.
So, he started helping me and we made it a few steps when I told him that I thought I might pass out (I am sure he just thought I was being dramatic) and proceeded to do so in the very next step. So, I woke up shortly thereafter being carried, scout style by Marc and Jimmy (bless the new brother -in-law...and WELCOME to the family) with my shirt up around my boobs and wondering why they were running and why everything was shaking. Marc said, "just stay concious", which, we decided after talking about it, is hilarious- as if you can help it - but it is the thing they always say on the it must work, right!?
So we get into the house and they lay me on the couch (meanwhile I feel like I am on some weird movie where I am blinking and looking around as if I am not actually the one having the drama). So they had me flat, and I feel like I am going to pass out and hurl all at the same time, so I asked them to elevate my head. My hands and feet were so itchy and I started to loose the feeling/ability to move my arms and legs. My mom got her nurse friend on the phone and I was trying to tell them all of my symptoms in case I passed out again. Then my throat and tongue started to swell...this is when it was decided that we mosey on down to the ER. SO, I popped two benedryl and we took off. (Since my parents live out in the sticks, where GPS systems stop about a half mile from their house, we opted out of the ambulance...which I am really thankful for in retrospect.)
The drive to the hospital seemed eternal. My eyes were watering like crazy but I couldn't make my hands connect with my face in a gentle I felt like and invalid getting my eyes wiped every minute or two. We got right into triage and the benedryl had started working by that in true ER fashion we got to hang out in the waiting room for an hour. We were then admitted and asked really smart questions like, "Did you catch the thing that bit you?" After a few rounds of steroids and some anti-nausea drugs...I was monitored for a few hours and that was that. So, recovery has been rough..., it was no big deal but I feel like I got hit by a small makes me feel old. I don't know what is up but I can't seem to get my energy back. Probably doesn't help that we did wedding reception stuff the whole next day and have been busy teaching preschool and having guests this week already.
So, on Saturday...we mainly got ready for the reception. It was beautiful. My parents really outdid themselves on this one. Their backyard was perfect, the decorations were so cute and fall-y, the food was divine and the music and DJ were great and totally uncorny.
Julie did have a dress dry cleaners RUINED her dress. I am talking shrunken (t-length anyone?) so that she couldn't zip it and changed the look and texture of the fabric. (So, any of you law saavy people out there...we need suggestions.) She was a great sport and we just ended up sewing her into it.
SO, another fun and eventful weekend has passed away, TEXAS STYLE. And I will just leave you with the best advice I received on the hospital discharge form, "Avoid being bitten or stung again."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sister of the Bride...

SO, my beautiful and talented sister, Julie, got married to Jimmy N. last weekend. She was beautiful, hot, sexy and classy all rolled into one. The wedding ceremony was lovely. The man that officiated had a hard time keeping back the tears because there was such a sweet feeling there and watching Julie weep just made everyone (ok, ok, so at least my mom and me) cry too. They were so smart about the wedding...3 pm was almost a perfect wedding time...don't have to get up too early, plenty of time to eat at least one meal, etc. Then, they took most of their "bridals" a few weeks before the wedding so we didn't have to do pictures for five hours afterward. It was wonderful. Then we headed to chow (one of my favorite parts, of course) and enjoy the evening reception.
Here's to you, Julie and Jimmy...may you have many happy times together! Love ya!