Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do you know the muffin man?

Here's the scenario...I am in the kitchen...ready to begin some kind of baking adventure. When suddenly I hear the crash of toys being dropped and the pitter patter of little feet...running to the kitchen...a chair being dragged across the tile floor and "I want to cook!" coming from my littlest chef. Usually this happens when I turn on the mixer...but often, as though using a 6th sense, B runs in to find me assembling the ingredients. I love it!

Saturday, February 21, 2009's really not so bad

So, I just turned 30...and I'm here to say that it's really not bad. I wasn't worried about it but it seems like most people are really doom and gloom about the big 3-0. I started the morning off at the gym and then headed in for a quick eye brow home for breakfast and then over to coach a soccer game. When we got home, we just did the normal lunch, B nap, afternoon things and then got ready for my date with Marc. We planned to go to this Italian restaurant I have been wanting to try.
So, we took the kids over to my good friend's house and Marc thought it would be good for me to help him "deposit" the kids because they "are better for me". Clueless as I am, I walked right into the middle of a well-planned surprise party. Marc worked on it for weeks, sending emails to coordinate hidden parking, food, good friends, pinata, a slide show and the perfect gift (I've been drooling over a Cricut Expression for months). Thanks to everyone for making it great!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coach Strong

We have officially come to the "beginning of the end" of parenting and signed M up for soccer. All of his little buddies were playing and you can request to get your kid on the same team as their we took the sports plunge. He seems to love it (actually, I think he just loves running...and if the ball comes with it, so be it).
When we signed him up, they were looking for coaches and had a spot on the page to volunteer to be a coach. In my "condition", I figured I would sit this season out but Marc asked me why I didn't just coach his team. I figured that (with just three days before the parents' meeting) they would already have a coach but decided to call anyway. They took my info and said they would get back to me so I figured I was in the clear until the next day when I got my first phone call from a parent asking me for info on when our team was going to practice, where, etc. I said, "Oh, so am I the coach?" Apparently I am, they just forgot to tell me.
So, it has been lots of fun. I enjoy working with the kids and it reminds me of my old day job a little bit. We are still in the young league where there is no score-keeping and the coach is on the field, running around with the team throughout the game. I feel like a bit of a spectacle...big momma on field #2...but it keeps me busy...and I count the game as my workout for the day.