Saturday, October 31, 2009


My sister hosted an awesome Halloween party and we couldn't resist driving down to Houston to participate. I can't believe I don't have pictures of it to prove how awesome she is. The invitation was a work of art...seriously...I kept it out to show friends for weeks. She had the whole place decked out from the entry to the bathroom. There were devilishly delectable things to eat (and eat and eat) and fun games too. Plus, my sister dresses up as the most amazing witch face and all(hopefully I can get her to send a pic so i can show you).
So, we had tons of fun and witnessed a dad dressed up for the first time ever! I am not sure if it is the grand kids...but he is getting "soft" in his old age I guess. It was great. He even won the costume contest by a landslide. (As an aside...face paint as part of a costume for kids...not so much a big hit in my house as you might be able to see.)
On Halloween night we went out to a party at my parent's house. It was fun and entertaining for the kiddos. But possibly its most redeeming quality as a party was that when the kids were "done" and started asking for sleep...we just had to walk in the house and put them in bed. Ahhh....good times.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friendships that last

Some things never go away...a good friendship is one of those things. A true friend can still be your friend even when you haven't talked for months...or even years. You can pick up the relationship where it was "left" without any weirdness.
The first week of OctoberI experienced this firsthand. I spent a weekend in California to attend the wedding of my dear friend, Amy. Amy and I met in 7th grade and became best friends. We were thick as thieves throughout middle school and high school and remain close as adults. Amy was always kind and sensitive as a friend and always sacrificed to be part of my life. She even came all the way to Utah to visit me in college and then to LA for my wedding. Her family is wonderful and her house was like a second home for me growing up. I will always love her and am soooo happy she found Spencer. From our brief meeting I saw that he is handsome, generous and kind and that, most importantly, he loves Amy. Their wedding was very nice and Amy was one of the most beautiful brides ever. I am so glad that I was able to participate. (I couldn't find my camera on the day of the wedding...big here are pics from the rehearsal). if that was not wonderful enough...I got to stay with one of my most wonderful friends, Lizzie. Lizzie was one of my first "married friends" (we were even married days apart). Her husband and mine got their first jobs out of college at Merrill Lynch (back in its hay day). Lizzie is one of those friends that I feel was my other half...irreplaceable. We lived a few doors down from each other and did almost everything together. We cooked together, sewed together, grocery shopped together, ate together, worked out name it. She was there when times were tough and I will never forget her even when we are states apart....
Anyway, it was amazing to be able to see her after more than 5 years. I got to meet her children whom I had never seen in person and reconnect with her and Shad. I tried my first fish tacos with her this trip and am in love (I can't believe I have never had them...yum!). Thanks for your generosity and for letting me spend a few days with you Liz! (We didn't really take pictures together...big bummer...and the one that I DO have is pretty I will just let the good times live on in my mind).