Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heaven on Earth

I am now convinced that Pensacola, Florida is heaven on earth! My Dad sent all the girls there for a week of pure relaxation and beauty...with no kids (except for Eme...but she doesn't really count). I am quite convinced that all are deserving of such a treat...and I feel lucky to have experienced it firsthand. We arrived on a Sunday night and basked in the glorious sun for a whole week...sugary white sand, the perfect temperature water...truly refreshing, hot, but not too hot, just enough estrogen and no boys (don't get me wrong...I do love men, Marc in particular, but it is nice to have an "appreciation" week once in awhile). Unfortunately for Eme, she will now haunted by the gorgeous beach in she is not likely to take too kindly to the reality of beaches in TX.
We mostly just relaxed...slept when we wanted, ate when and what we wanted (including a 3 lb bag of snickers and twix, yum), watched chick flicks and reality tv, got massages, worked out, and went on a little shopping expedition. So now you understand...a little piece of heaven just for me. THANKS DAD!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Going to the big D...and I DO mean Dallas

The boys headed to Dallas for a week of fun in the sun with the cousins while Eme and I went on our very own girls' trip. They had tons of fun thanks to their Aunts and cousins there. They did lots of playing, swam, went to Marc's bike race, and apparently...played dress up with some very freaky wigs. Ahh, the memories. So thanks Amy and Carin for taking care of my boys...all 3 of them!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hemptead Watermelon Festival

My love of watermelons is no secret. Let the record now show that this love does not extend to any watermelon festival...especially those held in Texas in any month that has an average temperature of 100 degrees.
Unsuspecting as I was, I packed up my three little watermelon eaters and we drove down to my parents' house as it is only 1/2 hour away from said watermelon festival. Some of our Austin friends came along for the joyous experience. We awoke early and had a hurried breakfast so as not to miss all of the festivities. We arrived around 10 and the temperature was no less than 95 degrees (unless you happened to be in the shade in front of one of those huge outdoor fans...which we weren't). So, we went for the opening ceremonies (were we found a shade tree)...which really means that they are going to let the scouts put up the flags and then we'll watch to see who would be crowned 2009/2010 Watermelon Little Miss, Watermelon Junior Miss, Watermelon Court, Watermelon Little Prince, Watermelon Queen, get the picture. (I don't get pageants...although highly entertaining...and I certainly don't get these things)
So then we ventured out into the blistering heat to find the petting zoo. Now, this town is not quaint with tree-lined we were walking in temps. well over 100. I felt frantic and wasn't sure we would make it alive (not to mention the fact that I had Eme stripped down like a white trash baby in just her diaper, convinced that her insides were turning into smoked sausages). After petting many cute little animals (including a couple kangaroos...impressive, even to me) we headed for the only place we could see that promised relief...McDonalds! Yes, I have NEVER been so happy to see the Golden Arches in my life.
I believe this was the first time my Dad has ever eaten at McDonalds...they are right up there on his list with you know the situation must have been dire. We stayed in Micky D's for over an hour, savoring every moment of air-conditioned bliss and decided we needed to hurry if we were going to make the Watermelon judging and auction.
Now, I'm pretty much finished with the story except to say that we had to confiscate my Dad's paddle after he dropped over $300 on watermelons (he did get a couple of the first-in-class watermelons, including the beauty of a black diamond pictured above).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip to Kentucky and...Pee Pee in the Potty

Although Jim and Kim were not able to be in town when Eme was born, we were fortunate enough to take a trip out to Kentucky to visit and introduce them to the newest member of our family. It was a fabulous trip...the kids traveled like old pros. A few passengers admitted (at the end of the flight) that they had been a little nervous when they saw that they were seated in our area of the plane (could it have been that they saw the boys racing up and down the terminal and playing squirrel underneath the seats at the gate area???)...but they were pleasantly surprised at what great travelers they all were. Lesson learned: If you bring enough movies, fruit snacks and M&Ms...all things are possible.
It all seems like a blur...but we pretty much had a great week. Lots of playing and good food. The boys raided grandma's toy closet and developed a quick love for all things star wars (she had all of Marc's S.W. figures from his childhood). We went out on the boat and even got to stop at a restaurant. It is like a drive thru...but way more glamorous and you actually park and go in. The boys worked on their slip n' slide skills, raced around the pond and played chef in the hot tub (LOL...isn't that what everyone does in the hot tub?).
The other huge development of the week was that B decided he wanted to wear big boy underwear and go pee pee in the potty. I thought I would wait until M started kindergarten to tackle that beast...but when your 2 yr old says he wants to, you just don't argue. So, he did pretty well...much better than I thought and we rushed out and got him his very own underwear...of which he was VERY proud!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

The 4th ended up being a regular ole' party around our house this year. We had Amy, Eric and their kids and my parents, Julie and Jimmy and Adam all over for the weekend. It was great fun. We had dinner the night they arrived followed by cousin fun to last a lifetime. The kids also gave Uncle Adam his fair share of "love" and I am sure he was happy to be back at his bachelor pad by the time they were all done with him.
The morning of the 4th, I sent everyone to Hamilton is pretty much the coolest swimming hole in Texas (that's what they tell me anyway). They all enjoyed it and avoided death by drowning and water moccasins, that is always a plus.
That night we had a BBQ and did some mediocre (at best) fireworks...but the kiddos didn't seem disappointed at all.
I am so glad that everyone decided to spend the holiday weekend with us and it just confirms how great it is to live so close to family!