Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Boys...

I just love my boys. I can't get enough. They do hilarious things that keep life light. Mackay is truly so sweet. He is a good boy and tries to do what is right. Since we moved, he has been talking to me a lot about his own house and his "mommy" (wife) when he gets bigger. His latest pick is this cute girl from preschool, Kelly. I asked why he chose her and he told me that it was because she was nice and fun and pretty. AND he decided that Beckett would be their baby.
Beckett has this talent to make you love him. He gives you this "you know I am cute" look and it takes away all ability to be angry at him for purposefully dumping out a whole cup of milk or crushing a lego structure it took an hour to construct (ahhh...two year olds).
I was thinking about them at church today and how I am so lucky to be their mom. So, yeah, sometimes I want to cause them bodily harm...but I can't imagine life without them. Hopefully I won't mess them up too much and they will still like me when they are teenagers...or at least by the time they are 30 or so.

Friday, September 5, 2008


So, "konecne" is one of my favorite Czech is one of those things that I think sounds so much better and really gets the point across better than the same word in English. It means "FINALLY" - so I guess I just like the sound of it better.
After what seemed like nearly an eternity...we bought a house and are working on getting settled. It is so much more fun than I even imagined it. Unpacking has been exciting! I know we had a place in DC...but it is hard to call 819 sq. ft. a house. I know I am such a girl about this...but I get excited just thinking of all the fun possibilities for the house.
This week we have two major outdoor projects going. We had some of our property behind our rear fence line, so we had the fence redone to include most of that and added another 9 feet deep to the back. We hired out for that one and the guy did an awesome job and finished it yesterday.
Our other project is "THE DECK". Now, I didn't realize really how laborious building a deck could be...but after two full days of construction, I am just really thankful for two things. First, my awesome in-laws are such troopers and have luckily built a deck or two in their lives. And second, I am happy to be in relatively good shape. Let's just say that hauling wood from the driveway, without a wheelbarrow or any other assistance, for hours at a time ends up being really tiring!!
At any rate, the boys love their back yard and we are so happy to have one...konecne!!

Beckett is 2!!

Can you believe my baby boy is two? I know I can't. Beckett is such a joy to our home. He is stringing words together to form nearly comprehensible sentences and has added words like "actually" and "dinosaur" to his ever-growing repertoire. As a mother, I was so proud of his first two-syllable word, "broccoli" and am amazed by how quickly children learn at this stage.
He has pretty much given up his binky...which is good and bad. It will make the dentist happy, but has complicated things when it comes to nap and bedtime (the only times he was allowed to have the bink).
Beckett is really our little stinker. I truly think he does things for the reaction about 95% of the time. He has started to give these really painful "bite" kisses. You think he is being really sweet, coming at you with one of those famous, toddler open-mouthed kisses, and the next thing you know, he has totally bitten your lips. It really hurts big grandmas and unsuspecting friends...BEWARE!!
He is our little night owl and would go all night long if we'd let him. He puts up quite the fight and we are hoping that his iron will will also be used for good later in life. It is all about the smack down around here. We are constantly having to show him "who's boss"'s usually us...
Beckett has the best sense of humor and loves to make us laugh. Mackay can't get enough of him and Beckett misses "brother/Kaizer" when he is at preschool. I can't wait to see what he ends up doing when he is older...but I am thinking something like a Navy Seal or a WWF's a toss up.


I officially have a fever...and the only cure is a little more cowbell...and another triathlon or two. I completed my first sprint triathlon and loved it. I think it requires the perfect blend of strength and endurance training. At first, I was mostly just afraid I would drown...but I am even beginning to enjoy the swim (even though I was almost the last one out of the water).
So, I am hoping to do another mini in a few months and would like to do an Olympic distance tri sometime next year. Anyone want to come to Austin and join me??