Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothing like a little barf to start the day off right

Okay so you know how there are those days that make you cry until they are over....and then you just have to laugh...that was Sunday for us. Marc and I were supposed to be speaking in church so, of course, I was totally nervous and planned to read over my talk a few times before I "went on".
So, we are sitting there and Beckett and Mackay were vying for the same toy (big surprise...I am just going to start buying two of everything) and I scolded Beckett and told him to wait his turn. Anyway, they had just start passing the sacrament and Beckett starts barfing. I caught the first wave in my hands...and people all around start passing kleenex, napkins and wipe. But Beckett promptly barfed again and Marc looks at me and says, "What should I do?" My response seemed pretty obvious to me, "GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!" (said in a desperate whisper) So, Marc scoops up Beckett trying to maximize the amount of vomit contained on his lap, while I walk behind them with barf sloshing out of my hands all over the pew and floor to the nearest bathroom.
Within seconds there are people rushing to our aide. A few of our "pew mates" got a bottle of disinfectant, a brush and a roll of paper towels to work on the chapel while another lady came and washed out Beckett's clothes so I could comfort him. We got him all cleaned up and calmed down just in time to speak. Then another friend came to help watch the boys so we could speak.
Needless to say, the vomit did not help me prepare to speak, and I felt more overwhelmed and nervous than I ever could have imagined. So, I pretty much started to loose it at the beginning, somehow reeled it in and eventually my voice stabilized and I stopped sounding like a goat.
So, alls well that ends well...although I did have a friend come up and rub my stomach and smile "knowingly" later that day (I would totally be fine with that - IF I was prego) that didn't help the ego for the day...but I guess it happens to everyone at some point in their lives.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Like a little fishy...

So Mackay has decided to learn how to swim. Cautious child that he is, we could not convince him to just let go and try it. He swims wonderfully with floaties...and I must admit that I have been secretly putting less and less air in them to see if he was just using them as a crutch (good mom...i know). So, two days ago, we were at the pool and he just started putting his face in the water (unheard of for him). By the end of that hour he was trying to swim with his whole face underwater without floaties. Yesterday he didn't even bother with his floaties and spent two hours swimming around, diving down to the bottom (of the shallow end) to retrieve things, I think it is safe to say that he is swimming like a fish and loving it!! I tried to explain it to Marc and that I pretty much didn't even have to watch him anymore (I didn't mean that I would leave him alone in the pool...only that I feel like, after watching him closely for an hour, I am not AS worried that he will drown - and let's be real honest here...Mackay is tall enough to touch the bottom of the pool!!), but Marc just raised his eyebrows at me and now thinks I am just neglectful...just wait Marc, you will see the super-fishy skills of your first born!!
This is just another testament that despite my "amazing" and "encouraging" mothering children will likely do things as they decide, when they decide and HOW they decide to do them. I guess I should just stop being surprised when this happens....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Great Man

This morning the world lost an amazing, caring and brilliant man -my grandfather, Glen H. Walker. He truly touched all he encountered and brought a little smile and a chuckle to all who were lucky enough to listen to his infamous stories and jokes. A spiritual giant and humble intellectual...I never heard him say a bad word about another person. True to his nickname, "Angel", he made everyone want to improve and step up to be their best self. I am pretty sure I can speak for all who know Grandpa when I say that I am thankful to have spent even a small moment of time with someone as fabulous as him and I can't wait to see him again one day. I love you Grandpa Walker.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I've been tagged

So Heather tagged me awhile ago and I didn't respond since I didn't want to "pollute" our family, here it goes.

What were you doing five years ago?
I was just finishing up my first year teaching at Poe Middle School...was exiting "the rough years" and embarking on a summer of travel and weddings.

What were you doing ten years ago?
I just finished my first year at "the Y" and was ready to get outta, I was getting ready to move over to the Czech Republic.

5 things on you're "to do" list today
1. Make a peach cobbler for Marc's birthday today.
2. Go visit someone in the hospital.
3. Make thank you cards for the swap on Thurs.
4. Find mixer games for the RS Pool Party on Wed.
5. Call a prego.

Snacks you enjoy
Um...for a minute I thought that it said "snack" and I started to panic...I cannot narrow down my love of food to one the top things are watermelon, ice cream, summer squash, hummus, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, salad, hot dogs with cheese (gross...I know), pretty much all food except really fishy fish and internal organs of any kind.

5 places you have lived
V-town (Visalia), CA; Huntington Beach, CA; Palm Dessert; CA, Alexandria, VA; Austin, TX

5 jobs you've had
Librarian, Zuka Juice Technician, Movie Ticket Sales Associate, Preschool Teacher, Middle School Spanish Teacher

If I were suddenly a billionaire I would...
Have a summer home on Maui, invest most of it and live off interest, buy a sweet house with an awesome kitchen and really generous to my friends and family.

5 things people might not know about me.
1. I sweat like a man.
2. I love having a huge prego belly.
3. I love to grocery shop.
4. I want to go to hair school.
5. I am really self conscious.

So, that is me in a few questions. Now I want to tag Lizzie, Aryn, Dani, Mary Ann and Amy G.

Coming home to Sheila...

So, you may (or may not) be familiar with Napoleon Dynamite...but this is the kind of movie that comes to mind occasionally when I think about life (that tells you a lot about if you didn't already know). SO, today is Marc's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!! and I was thinking how amazing he is and how lucky I am to have him. So, I thought about the part in the movie where that Judo guy says the line about having to "come home to Sheila" and am pretty sure that there are many women who are probably jealous that I get go come home to Marc (sorry ladies...he is taken). So yeah, Marc - thanks for all you do for me and our family. You are amazing as a husband, father and man. I couldn't ask for anything more! Lubba!