Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Please note the cheeto face on B...indicating that his grandparents are in town.

There is nothing like planting your spring garden and getting the plants all ready and cut back to make you feel like Spring might actually arrive. My parents are always so inspirational to me when it comes to all things outdoors. Plus, it probably helps that they are always game to give me tips and go pick out plants when they are here. I know almost nothing despite years of gardening as a family "privilege" growing up. I still have nightmares of collecting the scary tomato worms with their stingers and stripes.
I am going to admit something right now...I didn't like to be outside, pretty much ever when I was a young girl. I considered myself an "inside person". I actually remember calling myself that when talking to people. Maybe it is participating in outdoor sports for so long or something, but I feel like I appreciate nature a lot more in my "old age". Don't get me wrong, I am not ready to move out on the range...but I love that we have 1/4 acre lot and that I have space for a garden and room for the boys to play soccer to boot.

Practically an adult

Right around my birthday...little momma started to crawl!
If you look past the very impressive spit bubble, you can catch a glimpse of tooth #1 trying to bust out (photo taken 3/9/10).

Just before my birthday, E turned into a full-on adult...well almost. It makes me so sad that she is beginning to do all those things and develop into a toddler. That means that she almost isn't a baby anymore. That's all I can write for now about this topic...I am getting too teary-eyed to see.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He knows how to write???

I am very guilty of letting a lot of things slide with children #2 and #3. Please tell me that it is normal so I will not lay awake at night feeling totally incompetent. I remember life with M. He knew all his shapes, colors, numbers, how to spell his name, etc by the time he was 3. This is just not the case with the others. I am pretty sure that it is just my lackadaisical attitude and not the abilities of the children as I learned this week that B can actually write...and that was without any kind of crazy "teach your three year old to write if it kills you both boot camp" that I may or may not have done with #1. We were writing on a birthday card for a cousin and B insisted on writing his name. I decided that he could pretend so I helped him with which letters to write and I was totally blown out of the water. With ZERO help from me, he can write almost all his letters. It was a wake up call to me...I can't put any of my kids in certain boxes...because they will prove me wrong time and time again.

The BIG Snow Storm

As far as extreme weather goes, we are pretty much limited to serious summer heat as far as I can tell. It is very cute to see how excited the kids get when anything falls from the sky around here. Today (this is MANY months after the fact as I am trying to catch up on posts) B asked, "Mommy, can we go to the snowy country know, where the penguins live?" I know there is something magical about it. I have to admit that I am totally fine without it. It does make me feel kind of like the Peter Pan character in Hook. He grows old and totally looses touch with the magic of life until he sees it again through the eyes of children.
The boys were so excited. They scraped all the snow they could muster and worked long and hard to create this adorable mini snowman. By the afternoon, he had proper arms and everything.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marathon Kids

Austin schools do this great program called Marathon Kids. It's aim is to get kids active and excited about physical fitness. It didn't take much to hook M (since he loves to run) but it also got B really psyched might have had something to do with the promise of a medal...but who's counting.
How it works is, throughout the school year each child runs a marathon (pretty much one lap at a time). In the beginning of the year, they had a big kickoff ceremony to do the first lap and then this weekend we participated in the final lap.
On "race day", we met at a track to complete the marathon. I had a long run earlier in the morning and (since I was already totally sweaty) it was decided that I would run ahead with M while B raced with daddy and E in the stroller. When the gun sounded, M was off. He ran his little heart out and finished with the top few children across the line. B also ran most of the lap and was so proud when he got his first medal. I think they are hooked!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Goodbye Rolla...Hello Swagger Wagon

We decided that, before she died on us, and before we drove to Florida and before the tax refund sweetness in TX for cars older than 10 years was time to get rid of the Corolla. She was such a great car...good times and memories for all. Marc and his sister shared the car at BYU when we met, dated, and graduated. She drove us safely across this country and back many times.
Since the state was just planning to scrap her for parts, I thought it would be fun for the kiddos to paint her before we turned her in. I mean, come on, what kid wouldn't want to legally paint a car, right!? They loved it. I am sure they would have painted all night if we didn't cut them off to go to sleep. It was the perfect ending to a great legacy.
On the flip side...we joined the ranks of mini van drivers. We are officially a family now I suppose. The kids think it is the coolest car we could possibly own. We wouldn't go that far...but it is remarkable how much easier it is to tune out certain things when they are sitting so far away! After seeing the YouTube video , they totally call it a swagger wagon. I love it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For the Love of Star Wars...

Anyone else love Star Wars as much as my boys? I kind of love that they like it so much. Our days are filled with Star Wars books, movies, legos, make believe, etc. I'm never quite sure who to be when they ask me to pick someone...but they always have a suggestion.
It could be a lot worse!