Thursday, September 30, 2010

Down at the Farm

We went to a lovely little farm just outside the city limits with B's preschool class. It was pretty fun if you ask me...or E or B. Highlights include, but are not limited to when the farmer was milking the cow and he squirted the audience, the hayride, the fairy forest complete with cool faced trees, lots of touching animals, friends and a picnic to boot.
I just love to see the kids grown and their independence flourish (most of the time when it is not mis-directed against me).

Thursday, September 16, 2010


What a great girls' trip. Marc sure knows how to spoil me. I spent almost a full week back east with fabulous friends in September. To say that we lived each moment to the fullest would be a serious understatement. This was not a trip for sissies...oh no, we had it planned by the hour and we kept to the schedule to try to fit it all in. One of the most common phrases of the week was "can you even imagine how this would be if we had our kids here right now?" It was so fun and we fell onto our pillows each night with pure but happy exhaustion.
Seriously, I cannot even remember everything we did...but here is a small list: Yummy pizza in Brooklyn at renowned Grimwalds, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, walking tour of Union Station and its surrounding neighborhoods, Central Library, Empire State building, shopping, Broadway musical, Jimmy Falon Show, the Met and Cloister museums, China Town, Little Italy, bike around central park, etc, etc, etc.
To say that we did A LOT in the three days is an understatement. It was wonderful and so much fun to see the girls (two of the crew had the nerve to move away). Can't wait to do it again...thanks to Mel for making it happen!!

So, after a morning of breakfast and biking central park we misjudged our time and nearly missed our bus to DC. We literally ran for our lives...sweating all the way. Then Abby and I enjoyed our most relaxing portion of the trip...a four hour talk on the way to DC. We had already agreed we would use the time to catch up on much-needed sleep...but that was a useless idea. Hours of uninterrupted chat time...seize the day, right!? So, we got to DC and were picked up by my lovely friend, Jenna. She obliged in taking us on a mini car tour so that Abby could take in a few of the sights (she had never been to DC). Then we headed to Kimberly's for the evening. Unfortunately...the craziness took a toll on my traveling buddy and landed her with a major migrane that put her out of the fun for the night. So, we put her to bed and ate and had over a dozen of my closest friends from DC. We sat out on the deck and talked till the wee-ish hours of the night...or at least until we were all blinking back the sleep. The next day I enjoyed church in my old ward before heading back to the airport where, our flight was canceled and we had to re-book for the following day. Darn...
So, I got in a day late, slightly worse for wear but happy.