Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's a girl...enough said!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok, so I am admitting this on the WWW...I am not so good on technology. I want to say that it is genetically inherited from Mom (I still love you though)...but maybe it also comes from a lack of care. I only care when I can't figure out how to do something I want to do.
For instance, I have spent the past two days trying to post pics on the blog...and it isn't letting me. So, I just get more annoyed and think of other things I can't figure how all of the rest of you make and change your blog backgrounds to all of the super-cute background all the time. Yeah, I've been to the "free blog background websites" but I am either too technologically challenged, or not patient enough to read it more than once...maybe both.
Ok, I've said my piece.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas down on the "Ranch"

After a great weekend with Marc's fam, we mosied on down to my parents' for Christmas. The boys were so excited to get Uncle Adam and new Uncle Jimmy all to themselves...something about those uncles...they can't get enough.

We enjoyed many nights of caroling...a Hrnicirik family tradition (although apparently we missed the "good" nights). I think even Marc enjoys it now. M was definitely the star this year (sorry Jimmy, maybe you will can practice and be it next year). He stood in front, often holding the goody, singing and dancing to songs...ones he was still learning the lyrics. But he sang out loud and proud...oh to be 4 again!

As usual, we got way too much from a very generous Santa and all had a grand time full of food, fun, love and controlled chaos.

The boys, but B in particular pretty much lived on "tWeats". Ahh...good ole' grandma's house...with goodies in little trays and bowls everywhere. If B wasn't eating dinner, grandma just sprinkled it with reeses pieces, of course. As you might imagine, we have spent the past month trying to undo the treat bonanza. B wakes up and asks for "tweats" right away. I figured that if he was going to be asking so much, we should work on the pronunciation. So, Marc and I worked with him. Say "R". Say "rabbit". Ok, say "tReat". So now it is, "Mommy, I want a Rrrabbit, tweat." Nice try.

Pre-Christmas Festivities

So...I realize that it is nearing the end of January...but rather than skip all that I have missed, I will just touch on some highlights.

The week before Christmas, Marc's parents, sis and her kids came to visit. Nothing can be better than guests! We had a blast. I think M and B wish their cousins could just move in. We did all kinds of fun things from touring the festival of lights to dancing with Grandpa in the living room. Thanks for coming and for all the great memories!!

The night before they left we had a mini family Christmas and exchanged all of the gifts with each other. This experience really re-confirmed my philosophy on children and gifts...the first one or two are AMAZING, EXCITING...and totally sufficient. Do kids really need a million gifts? I am likely just a mean person, but I say, "NO!"