Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big Momma

I have reached that point in the pregnancy where I would no longer consider myself a cute pregnant lady. You know what I mean...I am officially retaining water, getting puffy, tripling my chins and getting the nose spread (and I am not posting the picture to have everyone comment that it isn't true...). I'm okay with it. It is somehow a way to say that the end is near. The important thing is that I still feel good and I love being prego. Sure, it would be sweet to be one of "those girls" who looks tiny and so cute and stylish the whole time...but that is not in the cards for me and...let's be real honest...I am not sure they make that cute of clothes for the size I am and I definitely don't want to go buy more clothes that might make me depressed to look at next time I get prego (if there is a next time...because they will be a reminder of the largeness to come).
SO I am embracing the waddle and the acrobatics going on inside my big ole belly and just marvel that a real person is in there just waiting for her debut. So, stay tuned...hopefully we will have some good news in the next month or so!