Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pan and Hook

So, of course, I realize I might be a little biased...but I am pretty sure my boys were the cutest Peter Pan and Captain Hook in all of Halloween-dom. About two weeks before Halloween, I realized I was going to have to pony up and figure out the costume situation. So, I asked the boys what they wanted to be. It was decided, pretty immediately I might add, that they both wanted to be Peter Pan (Beckett decided after he heard Mackay decide). So, all week, I tried to persuade one of them to be Captain Hook. Mackay got weepy and said, "No, I want to be Pan because I want to fly." Can't argue with that...fine...but Beckett wasn't going to budge either. 2 Pans it is.
Then, with Halloween one week out, on our way to the fabric store (because there are NO Pan or Hook costumes in the stores around here), Beckett decides he wants to be Captain Hook. Sweet... The costumes didn't turn out super-fabulous. But, for a first time costume maker and novice sewer...I think they turned out pretty cute. Regardless of the quality, the boys were so happy. Unfortunately we forgot to have Hook wear his hook for any of the pictures or for trick-or-treating. In fact, we got home that night and I discovered the hook under the kitchen table...bummer...but no biggie.
Toward the end of our evening, Mackay was running ahead to the next door and I called back to my sucker-eating 2 yr old, "Come on my little pirate." To which he responded, "No mom, Captain Hook."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Receptions and the Emergency Room

These are not things you would usually put into the same 48 hours...but that is how we roll around here. So, this weekend we drove down to Houston for Julie and Jimmy's wedding reception. We arrived on Friday and took the opportunity to have a weenie roast (can't ever have too many of those). So, we are sitting there having a gay ole' time, getting eaten by mosquitos, eating our weight in hot dogs and smores when I got two bites on the back of my leg. Mind you, my mom had just doused my legs in bug spray, and the sting was like that of a mosquito on crack...I didn't think much of it, cursed the darn bugs under my breath, and reached for the bug spray again. Then I felt a third bite...and shook my leg, sprayed it again and sat down to eat another smores (can't stop at just one).
Within about a minute I started feeling a little funny...nauceous, light headed, etc. So, I decided to move to a log a little further from the huge fire. I got there and my heart started racing and I slid onto the ground. My sis reached over and said that I felt really clamy. So, I looked at Marc, who was totally unconcerned at my distress...roasting a sausage for my mom, and said that something was wrong and that I needed to go inside.
So, he started helping me and we made it a few steps when I told him that I thought I might pass out (I am sure he just thought I was being dramatic) and proceeded to do so in the very next step. So, I woke up shortly thereafter being carried, scout style by Marc and Jimmy (bless the new brother -in-law...and WELCOME to the family) with my shirt up around my boobs and wondering why they were running and why everything was shaking. Marc said, "just stay concious", which, we decided after talking about it, is hilarious- as if you can help it - but it is the thing they always say on the it must work, right!?
So we get into the house and they lay me on the couch (meanwhile I feel like I am on some weird movie where I am blinking and looking around as if I am not actually the one having the drama). So they had me flat, and I feel like I am going to pass out and hurl all at the same time, so I asked them to elevate my head. My hands and feet were so itchy and I started to loose the feeling/ability to move my arms and legs. My mom got her nurse friend on the phone and I was trying to tell them all of my symptoms in case I passed out again. Then my throat and tongue started to swell...this is when it was decided that we mosey on down to the ER. SO, I popped two benedryl and we took off. (Since my parents live out in the sticks, where GPS systems stop about a half mile from their house, we opted out of the ambulance...which I am really thankful for in retrospect.)
The drive to the hospital seemed eternal. My eyes were watering like crazy but I couldn't make my hands connect with my face in a gentle I felt like and invalid getting my eyes wiped every minute or two. We got right into triage and the benedryl had started working by that in true ER fashion we got to hang out in the waiting room for an hour. We were then admitted and asked really smart questions like, "Did you catch the thing that bit you?" After a few rounds of steroids and some anti-nausea drugs...I was monitored for a few hours and that was that. So, recovery has been rough..., it was no big deal but I feel like I got hit by a small makes me feel old. I don't know what is up but I can't seem to get my energy back. Probably doesn't help that we did wedding reception stuff the whole next day and have been busy teaching preschool and having guests this week already.
So, on Saturday...we mainly got ready for the reception. It was beautiful. My parents really outdid themselves on this one. Their backyard was perfect, the decorations were so cute and fall-y, the food was divine and the music and DJ were great and totally uncorny.
Julie did have a dress dry cleaners RUINED her dress. I am talking shrunken (t-length anyone?) so that she couldn't zip it and changed the look and texture of the fabric. (So, any of you law saavy people out there...we need suggestions.) She was a great sport and we just ended up sewing her into it.
SO, another fun and eventful weekend has passed away, TEXAS STYLE. And I will just leave you with the best advice I received on the hospital discharge form, "Avoid being bitten or stung again."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sister of the Bride...

SO, my beautiful and talented sister, Julie, got married to Jimmy N. last weekend. She was beautiful, hot, sexy and classy all rolled into one. The wedding ceremony was lovely. The man that officiated had a hard time keeping back the tears because there was such a sweet feeling there and watching Julie weep just made everyone (ok, ok, so at least my mom and me) cry too. They were so smart about the wedding...3 pm was almost a perfect wedding time...don't have to get up too early, plenty of time to eat at least one meal, etc. Then, they took most of their "bridals" a few weeks before the wedding so we didn't have to do pictures for five hours afterward. It was wonderful. Then we headed to chow (one of my favorite parts, of course) and enjoy the evening reception.
Here's to you, Julie and Jimmy...may you have many happy times together! Love ya!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Boys...

I just love my boys. I can't get enough. They do hilarious things that keep life light. Mackay is truly so sweet. He is a good boy and tries to do what is right. Since we moved, he has been talking to me a lot about his own house and his "mommy" (wife) when he gets bigger. His latest pick is this cute girl from preschool, Kelly. I asked why he chose her and he told me that it was because she was nice and fun and pretty. AND he decided that Beckett would be their baby.
Beckett has this talent to make you love him. He gives you this "you know I am cute" look and it takes away all ability to be angry at him for purposefully dumping out a whole cup of milk or crushing a lego structure it took an hour to construct (ahhh...two year olds).
I was thinking about them at church today and how I am so lucky to be their mom. So, yeah, sometimes I want to cause them bodily harm...but I can't imagine life without them. Hopefully I won't mess them up too much and they will still like me when they are teenagers...or at least by the time they are 30 or so.

Friday, September 5, 2008


So, "konecne" is one of my favorite Czech is one of those things that I think sounds so much better and really gets the point across better than the same word in English. It means "FINALLY" - so I guess I just like the sound of it better.
After what seemed like nearly an eternity...we bought a house and are working on getting settled. It is so much more fun than I even imagined it. Unpacking has been exciting! I know we had a place in DC...but it is hard to call 819 sq. ft. a house. I know I am such a girl about this...but I get excited just thinking of all the fun possibilities for the house.
This week we have two major outdoor projects going. We had some of our property behind our rear fence line, so we had the fence redone to include most of that and added another 9 feet deep to the back. We hired out for that one and the guy did an awesome job and finished it yesterday.
Our other project is "THE DECK". Now, I didn't realize really how laborious building a deck could be...but after two full days of construction, I am just really thankful for two things. First, my awesome in-laws are such troopers and have luckily built a deck or two in their lives. And second, I am happy to be in relatively good shape. Let's just say that hauling wood from the driveway, without a wheelbarrow or any other assistance, for hours at a time ends up being really tiring!!
At any rate, the boys love their back yard and we are so happy to have one...konecne!!

Beckett is 2!!

Can you believe my baby boy is two? I know I can't. Beckett is such a joy to our home. He is stringing words together to form nearly comprehensible sentences and has added words like "actually" and "dinosaur" to his ever-growing repertoire. As a mother, I was so proud of his first two-syllable word, "broccoli" and am amazed by how quickly children learn at this stage.
He has pretty much given up his binky...which is good and bad. It will make the dentist happy, but has complicated things when it comes to nap and bedtime (the only times he was allowed to have the bink).
Beckett is really our little stinker. I truly think he does things for the reaction about 95% of the time. He has started to give these really painful "bite" kisses. You think he is being really sweet, coming at you with one of those famous, toddler open-mouthed kisses, and the next thing you know, he has totally bitten your lips. It really hurts big grandmas and unsuspecting friends...BEWARE!!
He is our little night owl and would go all night long if we'd let him. He puts up quite the fight and we are hoping that his iron will will also be used for good later in life. It is all about the smack down around here. We are constantly having to show him "who's boss"'s usually us...
Beckett has the best sense of humor and loves to make us laugh. Mackay can't get enough of him and Beckett misses "brother/Kaizer" when he is at preschool. I can't wait to see what he ends up doing when he is older...but I am thinking something like a Navy Seal or a WWF's a toss up.


I officially have a fever...and the only cure is a little more cowbell...and another triathlon or two. I completed my first sprint triathlon and loved it. I think it requires the perfect blend of strength and endurance training. At first, I was mostly just afraid I would drown...but I am even beginning to enjoy the swim (even though I was almost the last one out of the water).
So, I am hoping to do another mini in a few months and would like to do an Olympic distance tri sometime next year. Anyone want to come to Austin and join me??

Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Of course it is always nice when Marc has a day off to play; but it is even better when we get visitors...and we got both. Marc's sister and her family came down to Austin from Dallas for the festivities. Our kids are the same age and really get along famously. So we did a lot of pool time, a big BBQ with some other local friends and even tried our hand at canoing. We all loved it - minus Beckett...he screamed the whole time because he hated his life jacket...needless to say he may or may not have ruined the experience for many within earshot of his screeching (we still love him). As you can see by the photo...the only time he stopped crying is when he started eating the stale hot dog buns we were feeding the swans.
I have decided that I officially love to have visitors. I am not sure if it is just because I love to entertain...or if it justifies making large batches of cookies and other goodies - for the guests, of course!! So for anyone looking for a cheap and fun vacation, Austin is your place. We would love to put you up and show you a good time!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nothing like a little barf to start the day off right

Okay so you know how there are those days that make you cry until they are over....and then you just have to laugh...that was Sunday for us. Marc and I were supposed to be speaking in church so, of course, I was totally nervous and planned to read over my talk a few times before I "went on".
So, we are sitting there and Beckett and Mackay were vying for the same toy (big surprise...I am just going to start buying two of everything) and I scolded Beckett and told him to wait his turn. Anyway, they had just start passing the sacrament and Beckett starts barfing. I caught the first wave in my hands...and people all around start passing kleenex, napkins and wipe. But Beckett promptly barfed again and Marc looks at me and says, "What should I do?" My response seemed pretty obvious to me, "GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!" (said in a desperate whisper) So, Marc scoops up Beckett trying to maximize the amount of vomit contained on his lap, while I walk behind them with barf sloshing out of my hands all over the pew and floor to the nearest bathroom.
Within seconds there are people rushing to our aide. A few of our "pew mates" got a bottle of disinfectant, a brush and a roll of paper towels to work on the chapel while another lady came and washed out Beckett's clothes so I could comfort him. We got him all cleaned up and calmed down just in time to speak. Then another friend came to help watch the boys so we could speak.
Needless to say, the vomit did not help me prepare to speak, and I felt more overwhelmed and nervous than I ever could have imagined. So, I pretty much started to loose it at the beginning, somehow reeled it in and eventually my voice stabilized and I stopped sounding like a goat.
So, alls well that ends well...although I did have a friend come up and rub my stomach and smile "knowingly" later that day (I would totally be fine with that - IF I was prego) that didn't help the ego for the day...but I guess it happens to everyone at some point in their lives.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Like a little fishy...

So Mackay has decided to learn how to swim. Cautious child that he is, we could not convince him to just let go and try it. He swims wonderfully with floaties...and I must admit that I have been secretly putting less and less air in them to see if he was just using them as a crutch (good mom...i know). So, two days ago, we were at the pool and he just started putting his face in the water (unheard of for him). By the end of that hour he was trying to swim with his whole face underwater without floaties. Yesterday he didn't even bother with his floaties and spent two hours swimming around, diving down to the bottom (of the shallow end) to retrieve things, I think it is safe to say that he is swimming like a fish and loving it!! I tried to explain it to Marc and that I pretty much didn't even have to watch him anymore (I didn't mean that I would leave him alone in the pool...only that I feel like, after watching him closely for an hour, I am not AS worried that he will drown - and let's be real honest here...Mackay is tall enough to touch the bottom of the pool!!), but Marc just raised his eyebrows at me and now thinks I am just neglectful...just wait Marc, you will see the super-fishy skills of your first born!!
This is just another testament that despite my "amazing" and "encouraging" mothering children will likely do things as they decide, when they decide and HOW they decide to do them. I guess I should just stop being surprised when this happens....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Great Man

This morning the world lost an amazing, caring and brilliant man -my grandfather, Glen H. Walker. He truly touched all he encountered and brought a little smile and a chuckle to all who were lucky enough to listen to his infamous stories and jokes. A spiritual giant and humble intellectual...I never heard him say a bad word about another person. True to his nickname, "Angel", he made everyone want to improve and step up to be their best self. I am pretty sure I can speak for all who know Grandpa when I say that I am thankful to have spent even a small moment of time with someone as fabulous as him and I can't wait to see him again one day. I love you Grandpa Walker.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I've been tagged

So Heather tagged me awhile ago and I didn't respond since I didn't want to "pollute" our family, here it goes.

What were you doing five years ago?
I was just finishing up my first year teaching at Poe Middle School...was exiting "the rough years" and embarking on a summer of travel and weddings.

What were you doing ten years ago?
I just finished my first year at "the Y" and was ready to get outta, I was getting ready to move over to the Czech Republic.

5 things on you're "to do" list today
1. Make a peach cobbler for Marc's birthday today.
2. Go visit someone in the hospital.
3. Make thank you cards for the swap on Thurs.
4. Find mixer games for the RS Pool Party on Wed.
5. Call a prego.

Snacks you enjoy
Um...for a minute I thought that it said "snack" and I started to panic...I cannot narrow down my love of food to one the top things are watermelon, ice cream, summer squash, hummus, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, salad, hot dogs with cheese (gross...I know), pretty much all food except really fishy fish and internal organs of any kind.

5 places you have lived
V-town (Visalia), CA; Huntington Beach, CA; Palm Dessert; CA, Alexandria, VA; Austin, TX

5 jobs you've had
Librarian, Zuka Juice Technician, Movie Ticket Sales Associate, Preschool Teacher, Middle School Spanish Teacher

If I were suddenly a billionaire I would...
Have a summer home on Maui, invest most of it and live off interest, buy a sweet house with an awesome kitchen and really generous to my friends and family.

5 things people might not know about me.
1. I sweat like a man.
2. I love having a huge prego belly.
3. I love to grocery shop.
4. I want to go to hair school.
5. I am really self conscious.

So, that is me in a few questions. Now I want to tag Lizzie, Aryn, Dani, Mary Ann and Amy G.

Coming home to Sheila...

So, you may (or may not) be familiar with Napoleon Dynamite...but this is the kind of movie that comes to mind occasionally when I think about life (that tells you a lot about if you didn't already know). SO, today is Marc's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!! and I was thinking how amazing he is and how lucky I am to have him. So, I thought about the part in the movie where that Judo guy says the line about having to "come home to Sheila" and am pretty sure that there are many women who are probably jealous that I get go come home to Marc (sorry ladies...he is taken). So yeah, Marc - thanks for all you do for me and our family. You are amazing as a husband, father and man. I couldn't ask for anything more! Lubba!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Okay, okay already...

So, I fought this for a long time but have decided to jump into whatever century this is and attempt to use this blog as my journal/communication with friends/free therapy, etc.  I do not now, and will never, profess to be an eloquent writer or grammatical genius...but will always share my thoughts and experiences as candidly as you might expect if we were having a conversation...READERS BEWARE!  :)
Anyway, happy reading...I can't wait to hear from you all.