Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pan and Hook

So, of course, I realize I might be a little biased...but I am pretty sure my boys were the cutest Peter Pan and Captain Hook in all of Halloween-dom. About two weeks before Halloween, I realized I was going to have to pony up and figure out the costume situation. So, I asked the boys what they wanted to be. It was decided, pretty immediately I might add, that they both wanted to be Peter Pan (Beckett decided after he heard Mackay decide). So, all week, I tried to persuade one of them to be Captain Hook. Mackay got weepy and said, "No, I want to be Pan because I want to fly." Can't argue with that...fine...but Beckett wasn't going to budge either. 2 Pans it is.
Then, with Halloween one week out, on our way to the fabric store (because there are NO Pan or Hook costumes in the stores around here), Beckett decides he wants to be Captain Hook. Sweet... The costumes didn't turn out super-fabulous. But, for a first time costume maker and novice sewer...I think they turned out pretty cute. Regardless of the quality, the boys were so happy. Unfortunately we forgot to have Hook wear his hook for any of the pictures or for trick-or-treating. In fact, we got home that night and I discovered the hook under the kitchen table...bummer...but no biggie.
Toward the end of our evening, Mackay was running ahead to the next door and I called back to my sucker-eating 2 yr old, "Come on my little pirate." To which he responded, "No mom, Captain Hook."