Monday, April 27, 2009

9 YEARS!!!

On Saturday, M and I celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss. Wow...that is pure craziness. It somehow makes me feel older than having an almost-5-yr old.
So, I am sure that neither he nor I would say that every moment has been easy...but I was just thinking that that means that we are a marriage success story. I appreciate him for all of the things he has taught me and all of the ways he has helped me grow. I am certainly a different woman than I was nine years ago. I was thinking about the change in my feelings of love for definitely went from a naive, giddy 21 year old kind of love to a love full of respect and thankfulness for all he does for me and our family and the sacrifices that are so hard for many men to it helps that he is still hot!
I am sure that no one else needs to hear this...but thanks for all you do babe! I love you!

Insta-family...just add water

So my sister-in-law and her hubby got to go on a sweet cruise over the past week...and we got to watch their two adorable kiddos. They pulled into town on Saturday and then Amy and Eric flew out on Sunday. I am pretty sure this is the formula for heaven as far as my kids are concerned...a week with built-in playmates 24/7.
We spent the week just living it up and fitting in as much play time as you can imagine. We went to free scoop day at Ben and Jerry's (probably the highlight of the week for, went to the park, played at a friends' house, watched some other kids, went to the pool and many more super great things. I think we wore out poor H and A. By Wednesday H was asking me if we could go back to the house and then proceeded to fall soundly asleep on the couch with her brother practically on top of her.
After a couple days into the experience I thought, "Wow, I'm pretty tired...maybe I couldn't handle four kids". H kept saying "Is it a lot of work to take care of 4 kids?" It made me smile and think "YES!!" I admire all the mothers out there who do it all the time...but I also realized that it was like having two sets of twins since the kids are only months apart. So, I came away from the week feeling like I was an okay parent because I didn't make anyone cry (well okay, I think I make my kids cry every day...but it is because I only let them have one gogurt or something equally traumatizing) AND there was no physical abuse or blood/emergency room runs...not even a single band aid!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Latest Project

Something is in the it Spring, call it baby countdown...but lately, I just want to make things. From baking to scrapbooking/cardmaking and sewing I can't seem to find enough time to satiate the creative cravings I have. Now mind you, I am not saying that all (or any) of these projects are noteworthy...but they are satisfying to me.
My latest project began when my dear friend gave me a thoughtful birthday gift. I have been wanting to make a car seat cover for my infant carrier (not that it is necessary, but because I just felt like it would be fun) but haven't been able to find a pattern. Now, I'm not necesarily saying that I am lazy...but I might not have ever gotten around to this project if she had not lit a fire under me by getting me a pattern and some fabric. So, about a month ago I finished the actual seat cover. The only problem was that the pattern did not come with a pattern to cover the hood.
I would not call myself a skilled the thought of making my own hood cover with no pattern almost made me feel nauseous; but, I finally picked out some fabric, got out my seam ripper and got to work.
I am pleasantly pleased with the finished product and I actually feel like the hood turned out better than the cover. So there...I am finished tooting my own horn...but it sure did feel good.